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Fully integrated Assembly Line Conveyor Systems give the fastest & most convenient way to assemble the products and reduce the labor cost.

Usage of Assembly Conveyor is the most efficient solution for all the automotive manufacturing units.

Assembly Line Belt Conveyor are more versatile and ideal for production line carrying products of different sizes and shapes.

Roller Conveyors whether powered or non-powered are highly used to convey heavy objects over an long distance.

The big advantage of Overhead Assembly Conveyor is that, it utilizes unused ceiling space above the working area for the transportation of goods or products from one location to another.


Features of Assembly Line Conveyor System

Our conveying solutions are designed to automate the production assembly process with Robotic integration, monitoring systems, controls & software.

  1. From manufacturing process to finished product, overall plant efficiency increases.
  2. Minimizes the risk of product damage, moving along the conveyor path.
  3. Reduces production operations cycle time and increases output.
  4. Can be customized according to the requirement.
  5. Low maintenance cost and high loading capacity.

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Case Study


A Electric two-wheeler manufacturer was looking to increase the production capacity of their manufacturing plants due to sudden rise in the demand for electric two-wheelers in the country.


By implementing innovative assembly line conveyor system for the two-wheelers on two new assembly lines, the productivity increases.

This helped the unit to achieve the target of 65,000 two-wheelers manufactured in 2019 from 25,000 two-wheelers in 2018.

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