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Belt conveyors are commonly used in transportation of bulk materials. Conveyor Belt Systems consist of pulleys. The belt rotates about the pulleys, carrying materials and creating an endless loop.

To get the material on the belt in motion, the pulleys are given power. The driver pulley is one which is given power and the other is known as an idler pulley.

Belt conveyors have applications in various fields and according to the requirement of the field its implementation is done.

Conveyor belts are manufactured using either PVC or rubber.

The belt consists of different layers of material. Being automated material handling system manufacturers in Faridabad, we recommend two layers of material handling.

The carcass is the name of the underlayer that provides linear strength and shape, while the cover is the name of the over layer.

Polyester, nylon, and cotton are used most often to create the carcass, while a variety of rubber or plastic compounds used to create the cover.

Our Conveyor Belt Product Range


Rubber Belt Conveyors

1-10 feet, Customize as per Design, 10-20 feet, 60-100 feet, 40-60 feet, 20-40 feet

1-50 kg per feet, 50-100 kg per feet

0-10 inch, >40 inch, Customize as per Design, 30-40 inch, 10-20 inch, 20-30 inch

Mild Steel

2-3 m/s, 0-1 m/s

As per Design


Manual Flat Belt Conveyors

10-20 feet, 20-40 feet, 1-10 feet

1-50 kg per feet, 50-100 kg per feet

0-10 inch, 30-40 inch, 10-20 inch, 20-30 inch

Rubber, Nylon

2-3 m/s, 1-2 m/s, 0-1 m/s


Flat Belt Conveyors

40-60 feet

200-300 kg per feet

MS and SS


Derco Holland

Electric Belt Conveyors

60-100 feet, 20-40 feet

50 to 100 kg per feet

20-30 inch

2-3 m/s



Plastic Belt Conveyors

20-40 feet

50-100 kg per feet

30-40 inch


Idler Belt Conveyors

Customize as per Design

100-150 kg per feet

0-10 inch,10-20 inch,20-30 inch,30-40 inch,>40 inch, Customize as per Design

Mild Steel

2-3 m/s


Truck Loading Conveyors

20-40 feet, 10-20 feet, 1-10 feet

1-50 kg per feet

>40 inch, 30-40 inch, 20-30 inch, 0-10 inch, Customize as per Design, 10-20 inch

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Rubber

0-1 m/s, 1-2 m/s, 2-3 m/s

As per Design


Inclined Belt Conveyors

20-40 feet

50-100 kg per feet

10-20 inch

2-3 m/s


Motorized Belt Conveyors

10-20 feet

100-150 kg per feet

20-30 inch

1-2 m/s

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Case Study


A cement storage unit needed a faster way of loading cement bags into the truck.

This was currently being performed manually. It consumed a lot of time and resulted in a lot of waiting time for other trucks in the loading dock.

Due to this delay, the cost of transporting cement was high.


A mobile conveyor belt system was installed whose inclination could be adjusted to load cement bags.

This reduced the loading time for trucks and increased efficiency. It also resulted in more space for the loading bay and in the storage area.

Therefore, more stock could be stored in the same space. Reducing the loading and unloading time and increasing storage in the same space caused significant cost savings.

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