What is Conveyor Belt System?

A Conveyor Belt System is one of the durable and reliable material handling systems used in warehouses, production, and manufacturing facilities at a large scale for the safe transportation of goods or products from one place to another within an area.


How does Belt Conveyor System work?

Having two or more pulleys, a Belt Conveyor System consists of a belt expanded across the pulleys, forming a closed-loop for the continuous rotation to convey products or material from one point to another.

One pulley, known as the drive pulley, usually contains a motor, drive or tows the belt in the same direction, results in moving items from one location to another.

For the maximum utilization of the material handling conveyor belt, both the drive pulley and idler must rotate in the same direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

What are the types of Belt Conveyor Systems?

According to different types of requirements and uses, the belt conveyor systems are classified into the following categories:-

  1. Roller Bed Belt Conveyor System
  2. Flat Belt Conveyor System
  3. Modular Belt Conveyor System
  4. Cleated Belt Conveyor System
  5. Curved Belt Conveyor System
  6. Incline or Decline Belt Conveyor System
  7. Telescopic Belt Conveyor System
  8. Horizontal or Vertical Belt Conveyor
  9. Overhead Belt Conveyor System

Application of Belt Conveyor

Mainly a conveyor system is helpful to move safely both regular or irregular-shaped, large or small size, light or heavy weight objects, from one location to another.

A belt conveyor system can be installed in industries like Aerospace, Food, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, etc at a very economical cost.

For example, a conveyor belt system can be successfully used to load or unload passenger’s luggage. While in the manufacturing sector, bulky materials are being transported efficiently within the plant area, without human error.

Each belt conveyor system has its own applications and advantages, depending upon the type of industry it has to be implemented.

Benefits or Advantages of using Belt Conveyor

  1. Easy & fast transportation of materials from one location to another.
  2. Reduce labor costs and improves productivity.
  3. Prevent human injury and product damage while transportation.
  4. The multi-floor material movement made easy.
  5. Very helpful in truck loading and unloading.

Cost Estimation Belt Conveyor Project

Determining the cost estimation for the belt conveyor project is critical, as it depends upon the customer requirement and budget. The best way is to talk with the belt conveyor system manufacturers to get accurate pricing.

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