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The Four Wheel Conveyor Systems consist of an open or enclosed track having wheels for carrying load or materials from one place to another. Depending upon the product dimensions and weight, the conveyor system divided into mini or standard four wheel conveyor.

Largely used in manufacturing units production and assembly line for the transportation of heavy or bulky goods.


Benefits of Four Wheel Overhead Conveyor

  1. High operating capacity and can handle heavy load items.
  2. Extremely durable and high efficiency.
  3. Can carry products of different shapes, sizes and weight.
  4. Low maintenance cost and easy to install. 

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Case Study


A manufacturer of denim clothing wants to reduce time consuming process of dyeing and drying through automation. Further they also need to increase the productivity of coloring and washing unit.


By installing a mini four wheel overhead conveyor system at the unit, total time taken to complete the entire process from initial wash to drying was reduced to 50%.

As a result unit productivity increases without any significant increase in labor and operation cost.

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