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Future Of Automation

Automation is already a popular manufacturing process, but with advances in AI and remote communication, this practice is likely to explode in the coming years. Automation in terms of manufacturing basically means taking rote tasks and designing a system that performs them in a fully automatic way. For example, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant might have an automated system for dispensing a given amount of a powdered chemical. Automation can provide numerous benefits, including mechanical precision and consistency, greater safety and decreased operating expenses.
AI is going to make automation more widespread and even more reliable. Based on the trajectory of current automation trends, here are a few predictions about what the future of manufacturing will look like.With new automation technologies driving advances in the material handling industry, automated solutions are becoming more and more commonplace. And with that, manufacturers are tasked with the ongoing challenge to stay ahead of the game, continuously keeping one finger on the pulse when it comes to automating distribution centers.

More Factories Will Become 100% Automated In The Near Future

It is currently possible to have an entire factory run by just a couple of people with the rest of the operation performed by automated machines and robots. However, even the most fine-tuned machine needs human interaction and correction to recognize and prevent manufacturing failures. This is where AI just might change the game. AI could make it possible for manufacturing machines to understand far more complex goals than those which they currently execute. This will make it possible for operations to become 100% automated at a given location with regular remote check-ins from a central hub.

Automation and AI Integration Could Boom Sooner Than You Think

The reality of manufacturing is that many of the calculations that human minds find complex can happen instantaneously for an automation machine. While many people believe this is going to mean people will be replaced, we can hope it simply means they are going to move into new roles. This has happened throughout the history of industry, and it generally results in a higher average standard of living in the long run, which gives us reason to be excited about the future.