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Modular Belt Conveyor is one of the Floor Conveyors having interlocking plastic modules usually linked together with joint rods. They are used to move products safely from one location to another regardless of specific dimension of the product.

As the leading Modular Belt Conveyor Manufacturers in India, Our material handling machine are extremely robust and can be used in almost every transport application.

Due to the modular design, the Modular Conveyor Belt Systems are easy to design and are suitable for high temperatures with low maintenance cost.  


Features of Modular Belt Conveyors

  1. High Efficiency and low maintenance cost
  2. Can be used at low or high temperatures during the production process
  3. Can carry heavy items of any shapes and sizes.
  4. Suitable for almost every Industry sector due to high degree of flexibility.

Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt is capable for both low and high load applications. Irrespective of food, packaging or automotive industry, We as a Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in India offers a wide range of Industrial conveyor solutions at best price.

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Case Study


A biscuit manufacturing factory was facing the issue of high belt tension, maintenance cost, time and product loss. 

The butter from the biscuits generated grease along the belt, which produces friction and causes biscuits irregular shape and size.

Rejection quantity at the end of the production line was huge and the plant had to schedule in-between cleaning process during the operations.


The introduction of a modular belt conveyor for the production line radically changed the process.

The belt created very little tension, friction and traction. The ease associated with cleaning the belt increases productivity.

No additional maintenance required for the conveyor system and the rejections at the end of the production line started decreasing.

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