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We are the leading manufacturers of high-tech Motorized Roller Conveyor Systems in Delhi-NCROur Industrial Material Handling Equipment are widely used in the logistics industry and warehouses for the transportation of materials.

Motor driven roller conveyors are best for large manufacturing facilities assembly lines, warehouse and in case for bulk handling of pallets, totes and cases. As roller conveyor manufactures in India we offer only best quality conveyor systems at reasonable price.


Features of Motorized Roller Conveyor System

  1. Reliable, flexible and uses low energy.
  2. Low maintenance and high load capacity.
  3. Easy to install and highly efficient.
  4. Improves work productivity.

Specifications of Motorized Roller Conveyor

1-10 ft, 40-60 ft, 20-40 ft, 10-20 ft

200 kg/mtr

100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

MS, Stainless Steel


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