What is an Overhead Conveyor?

An overhead conveyor is a conveyor system that uses roof space instead of floor, above or over the head of working area for the transportation of materials from one place to another.

Flexibility of changing direction both horizontally and vertically, Overhead Conveyors are easy to install and consumes less amount of power as compared to other material conveying system in use.

Industrial overhead conveyor systems are very helpful for painting parts and powder coating automotive industries.

Types of Overhead Conveyor?

Overhead Conveyor Systems are classified into the following categories:-

1. Power and Free Conveyor

Power and Free Conveyor systems are high-tech overhead chain conveyors that consist an upper track and a lower track.

The upper track, known as the “power track” is powered by a chain, and the lower track, known as the “free track” is unpowered.

The upper track moves continuously when the overhead conveyor is in operation, while the lower track carries the loaded trolleys supported by rolling wheels.

A mechanical device known as “pusher dogs”, pushes the free trolleys along the conveyor track such that the loads can engage and disengage with the moving chain.

2. Monorail Overhead Conveyor

Monorail Overhead Conveyor is rail-bound system, equipped with a motor, a drive unit and pre-programmed computer intelligence system to guide the transportation of material from one point to another.

3. Overhead Enclosed Track Conveyor

Supported to a looping chain overhead enclosed track conveyor can move in multiple directions, both horizontally and vertically.

A cost-effective method for conveying products, which reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

Benefits of using Overhead Conveyor System

Listed below are some of the main features of an overhead conveyor system:-

  1. By using roof space, it makes the floor space available for other use such as storage.
  2. Due to the usage of air space, material can be moved virtually in any direction without any challenges.
  3. Easy to move materials in crowded warehouses.
  4. Fewer interruptions and downtime, improves productivity and quality control.

Applications and Industries where Overhead Conveyors are useful

  1. For Assembly Line
  2. For Paint Job
  3. For Carton and Tote Handling
  4. For Dyeing
  5. For Heating and cooling
  6. For Storage
  1. Electronics Industry
  2. Automobile Industry
  3. Textile Industry
  4. Food Industry
  5. Manufacturing Industry
  6. Aerospace Industry

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