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Overhead Conveyors are mounted from ceilings that use trolleys or carriers moved by chains, cables, or similar connections. They have the load-carrying and the drive functions combined in one element—the endless chain.

The chain is guided by a rail system based on an open or enclosed track. The circuit can be made up of curved or straight track. They bring parts down to the level of operators and back up to higher elevations. Overhead conveyors can pass through production areas that humans can’t like through ovens and robot work cells.

Generally used in a production facility to move parts from one location to another, overhead conveyors are primarily used in material handling applications where the product needs to be hung. Such as, dry-cleaning garment lines, paint lines, or parts handling systems, or for cooling and curing. They take advantage of the generally unused vertical space above the working area. Overhead conveyors are generally used in a production facility to move parts from one location to another.

The drive units can have variable speed controls on them. Loads are attached to the conveyor by a carrier. These carriers can be designed to go on incline and decline and the loads rotate automatically if necessary.

Various types of overhead conveyor systems configurations are available including fourwheel, mini fourwheel and I-Beam overhead conveyors that we provide.


  • Usable Floor Space

By using air space, it make the floor space available for other applications and use such as storage.

  • Move material in virtually any direction

Due to the usage of air space, material can be moved virtually in any direction without any challenges.

  • Move Items in bulk

Materials that are heavy can be moved in bulk and continuously as needed. With variable speed, overhead conveyors can have wide applications. Designed to take loads, Overhead conveyor can be customised for loads and movement.

  • Move products in a crowded warehouse

Utilisation of space is very important in a warehouses. In a crowded warehouse by using overhead conveyors, materials can be moved to different bays without any interruption. You can utilise the space overhead maximising the full capacity of a facility.

  • Storage

Products and material can be stored on an overhead conveyor system. It occupies comparatively less space and can be used for functions such as drying, heating, processing, cooling before and after a process in manufacturing

  • Improves Productivity and Quality control

An overhead conveyor puts products and raw materials where you need them, as you need them. With fewer interruptions and downtime, your company’s productivity increases. The chances of human error and accident is reduced . This improves your quality.

  • Easily Handles Large or Awkward Parts

Used to handle components or products that are difficult to handle and move, the overhead conveyor system has a wide area of applications.

Overhead Conveyor Types

  1. Mini Four Wheel Overhead Conveyor
  2. Four Wheel Overhead Conveyor
  3. I-Beam Overhead Conveyor
                – X-348
                – X-458
                – X-678

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