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Apart from product wrapping, sealing, labeling, sorting or stacking, Packaging Conveyor Systems have wide range of applications in manufacturing as well as in logistics Industries.

Packing Belt Conveyor Systems can handle variety of packages due to its high performance capability and flexibility.

Our customized and innovative packaging solutions can manage safe transportation of bags, boxes or cartons quickly with maximum efficiency.

When integrated with automation, Packing Conveyor can be used with other material handling conveyor systems like roller, pallet and belt driven.


Benefits of Packaging Conveyor System

  1. Improves productivity and safety by reducing manual work.
  2. Fast product packaging and easy transportation from one point to another.
  3. Minimizes delays and accidents during production process.
  4. Reduces labor cost and improves business profit margins.
  5. High performance and low maintenance cost.
  6. Ideal for Industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and electronics for good packing quality and customer experience.

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Case Study


At one of the unit, a tea manufacturing company who packs and distributes over 500 million tea packages per year was facing production and shipping delay issue.

The unit was making different grams of tea packets through automation process which includes packing, sealing and stamping.

But the last process of sorting and box packaging different grams of tea bags was done manually, resulting in waste of time and shipping delay.


Installation of a customized sorting, diverting, and packing conveyor system, automated the last stage of process.

Company production capacity increases and was able to meet the increased product demand without additional investment in building infrastructure.

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