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A Powered Roller Conveyor has the ability to transport heavier goods over a longer distance safely. With over 30+ years experience in manufacturing Bulk Material Handling Systems for various industries, we offers wide range of Roller Conveyor Systems at best market price.

The powered conveyor systems (also known as “live roller conveyors“) comes with speed control feature in order to avoid product damage during the operational process.

Our conveyor systems are highly used in automating manufacturing, warehouses and product assembly lines.


Features of Powered Roller Conveyor System

  1. Low installation and maintenance cost.
  2. Stainless steel powered roller conveyors are best for heavy load transfer.
  3. Reduce labor cost and increase productivity
  4. High capacity and efficiency

Specifications of Powered Roller Conveyor

1-10 feet, 40-60 feet, 20-40 feet, 60-100 feet, 10-20 feet

1 to 50, 50 to 100 kg per feet



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