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What is a Roller Conveyor?

Roller Conveyor is a type of Belt Conveyor System that utilizes rollers (rotating cylinders) to move material from one place to another, either by manually, gravity or power.

How do Roller Conveyors work?

The heavy duty roller conveyor system consists of a series of parallel cylindrical shape bars, rotating in same direction and carrying products to their destination. Due to various Industrial applications, roller conveyor systems are highly used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Types of Roller Conveyor

The major type of roller conveyors used in Industries are mentioned below:-

  1. Idler Roller Conveyor
  2. Gravity Roller Conveyor
  3. Powered Roller Conveyor
  4. Motorized Roller Conveyor
  5. Flexible Roller Conveyor
  6. Belt Driven Roller Conveyor
  7. Lineshaft Roller Conveyor
  8. Telescopic Roller Conveyor

Our Roller Conveyor Product Range

From Over 30+ Years, We are the leading Conveyor System Manufacturers in Faridabad


60-100 feet, 10-20 feet, 20-40 feet

200-1000 kg/mtr

As per requirement


Standard, Customized


1-10 ft, 40-60 ft, 20-40 ft, 10-20 ft

200 kg/mtr

100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

MS, Stainless Steel



Free Roller Conveyors

60-100 feet, 40-60 feet, 20-40 feet, 10-20 feet

1-50 kg per feet, 100-150 kg per feet, 200-300 kg per feet, 150-200 kg per feet


Manual or Semi-Automatic


1-10 feet, 40-60 feet, 20-40 feet, 60-100 feet, 10-20 feet

1 to 50, 50 to 100 kg per feet




Flexible Roller Conveyors

1-10 feet

1-50 kg per feet,50-100 kg per feet

Stainless Steel



Belt Driven Roller Conveyors

20-40 feet, 40-60 feet, 10-20 feet

50-100 kg per feet, 100-150 kg per feet

Stainless Steel


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Advantages of Roller Conveyor System

  1. Low maintenance cost and high efficiency.
  2. Automatic or manually controlled.
  3. Easy to install with other conveyor systems.
  4. Labor cost decreases and profit margins increases.
  5. Overall company productivity increases.
  6. Prevents product damage during transportation.

Case Study


A prominent courier logistics firm needed a solution for the movement of material within one of their sorting units.

The sorting employed manual operation and stacking. It involved the movement of material to different floors as well, which was time-consuming.

Manual work involved in sorting took too much time and therefore delivery of shipment was delayed.

More delivery personnel needed to be employed to meet delivery timelines.


Multiple roller conveyor belts were installed based on pin codes. Employees would then sort by using the roller conveyor system and stack at the end.

Sorting started at higher levels to use a gravity roller conveyor system. Stacking at the end was done manually.

This improved efficiency, reduced labor costs, and energy.

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