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Diversion and Sortation conveyor

Diversion and Sortation Conveyors identify, separate, merge, induct, divert and direct materials to a specific location. These systems automatically sort products as they move through a facility.
This is accomplished through a number of different ways, and each is unique to the product, speed and path that product is required to travel. For example, solutions include diverters, pop-ups and other transfer devices that are precisely timed to sort and divert materials where you need to move them accurately.

Diversion and Sorting systems vary in function and therefore in design including sorting through shoe, cross-belt, pop-wheel, roller and slat sorters to name a few.

Diversion and Sortation Conveyor solutions range from basic pushers and diverters that sort fewer than 30 cartons per minute to sophisticated high-speed sorters that handle hundreds of items per minute.

With high reliability, accuracy and high speed, they have revolutionised diversion and sortation for some industries such as logistics and e-commerce.

The right sortation solution depends on the product you’re moving and your need for speed. Our engineers are equipped to review your need and design a diversion and sortation conveyor that works best for you.


  • Reduced Manual Labour

Diversion and Sortation Conveyors reduce the use of manual labour involved in sorting or diverting materials. Reduced manual labour translates into other benefits such as cost saving, space required for personnel to work, efficiency.

  • Improved Efficiency, Productivity

Diversion and Sortation Conveyors bring in automation to processes such as production, packaging and shipping. They can be fast (high speed) while maintaining a high level of efficiency and accuracy. This increases the throughput immensely.

This has huge implications.
Example : In an e-commerce logistics unit, diversion and sortation conveyors can contribute immensely to capabilities such as ‘next day delivery’, ‘same day shipment’, multi item delivery, accuracy and reduced returns thus saving millions of rupees.

  • Lower Operating Cost

The overall operating cost is greatly reduced by general benefits such as reduced manual labour, high productivity, efficiency, reduced returns and accuracy. All these benefits can be translated to the customer as lower costs and faster deliveries.

  • High Accuracy

By eliminating manual intervention the errors in processes (ex: shipping) can be minimised. Accuracy in shipping, logistics and aspects such as multiple item shipping from collection point to same address can be met repeatedly. With a high accuracy rate customer satisfaction can be high.

Case Study 110

The Challenge:

A logistics partner completing orders for an e-commerce giant faced capacity constraints in an existing facility and needed to increase throughput without overhauling the entire system. They needed to replace the existing conveyor system that was basic and used personnel to scan a package and manually sort them into different conveyor belts. Picking these packages and placing them on the right conveyor belts was a time consuming task and straining. This would also cause errors sometimes and packages at the end of the line would be sent back to the beginning of the sorting line to move to the right conveyor.

The solution:

The company installed a low maintenance automatic diverting and sorting conveyor with scanners positioned above. With a compact footprint, the sorter easily fit into the existing facility and has options for future expansion. The packages were directly placed on the diverting and sorting conveyor which would scan, sort and then divert the packages based on the delivery address. This enabled a 40% increase in the facility’s peak sorting rate and improved their throughput.

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