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Assembly line helps in assembling a final product much more effectively and smoothly by increasing the production capacity in less time. They use a combination of conveyors, sometimes various types to integrate the assembly line and increase productivity.

Assembly lines can vary from very simple to complex, where there is very little human interaction with the product and the manufacturing processes on the line are handled by automation and robotics.

We possess the expertise to customise a solution that works best for your assembly line.


  • Productivity Improvement

Assembly conveyors make assembly lines proficient. In addition to this, it promotes specialisation which improves productivity. In the event of a defect, you can replace the component or area or personnel causing the defect since it can be identified easily and corrected in a short time. Assembly lines also reduce your cycle time.

  • Efficiency

A well planned and designed assembly line can improve the speed at which products are assembled and finished. This means you can have more products finished in a given time. By bringing an assembly conveyor, you can enhance this efficiency and even automate it.

  • Ease to Assemble and Specialisation of Labour

Assembly lines allows for specialisation of a particular task by workers or robots. This increases ease, efficiency and decreases defects. It reduces your investment in training and specialisation. An assembly line conveyor promotes this and helps build a precise stop and move process to improve ease and efficiency in your assembly line.

  • Product Uniformity

By splitting the assembly of your product up into separate processes you will start to see a much more consistent and uniform final product. If one person created an entire product from scratch, his or her product could differ significantly from the product put together by another employee.

  • All Operation Completed in a Single Line

An assembly line conveyor helps you develop a streamlined process for operation. It contributes to reduced cost by improving throughput, optimisation of cycle time and reducing process variability.

  • Low Maintenance

Once the assembly conveyor has been designed and installed, it is low maintenance and has a long life. It can be configured when required and modified necessary to adapt to new products or changes in the assembly process.

Technical Specifications

Case Study 104

The Challenge :

A Gurgaon based electric two wheeler manufacturer was looking to overhaul the production capacity at one of their manufacturing plants. With the demand for electric two wheelers increasing in the country, the manufacturer was looking to increase production within the same plant and implement Lean processes.

The solution:

By bringing in an enhanced assembly unit conveyor system for assembling the two wheeler on two new lines, the productivity increased by 1.45 times. This is now helping the unit to increase the number of two wheelers manufactured at the unit from 25,000 in 2018 to their target of 65,000 in 2019.

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