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Conveyor with Belt

Belt Conveyor Systems are material handling systems that use continuous belts to convey products or material.

Commonly used for transportation of bulk and light materials with less effort, the conveyor belt system has two pulleys with a belt around. It maintains an endless loop through the belt enabling movement of materials on the belt.

Power is provided by motors that use either variable or constant speed reduction gears.


  • Noiseless Operation

The operation of the conveyor belt system is almost noiseless and suited to various environments.

  • Long Life

Belt Conveyor Systems are extremely durable and functional. They withstand wear and tear very well and have a long life.

  • Ability to carry almost any bulk material

Belt Conveyor Systems can carry various types of material. From low weight to bulk weight. The size, shape and dimensions of the material has little impact on implementation of the belt conveyor system.

  • Large length of Conveying Path & Lower Power Consumption

The conveyor belt system can move material across distances (large conveying path) with minimum energy (low power consumption) and effort while saving time. This saved energy and time improves efficiency and revenue.

  • Can convey in any direction

Conveyor Belt Systems can be highly customised and programmed to move materials in any direction. They can also move materials from one level to another in inclination or declination.

  • Reliability of Operation

They can be programmed to control speed of movement. That means there are fewer chances of break down and handling issues. They can often support long operation with low maintenance.

Application and Industry

The application of the conveyor belt system is almost infinite and it is used in a wide set of industries. They are used in almost every industry where materials need to be moved.
We therefore list some of the more common applications and industries where we work.

Technical Specifications

Case Study 102

The Challenge :

The customer, a cement storage unit needed a faster way of loading cement bags into the truck. This was currently being performed manually. It consumed a lot of time and resulted in a lot of waiting time for other trucks in the loading dock. Due to this delay, the cost of transporting cement was high.

The solution:

A mobile conveyor belt system that was installed whose inclination could be adjusted to load cement bags. This reduced the loading time for trucks and increased efficiency. It also resulted in more space for loading bay and in the storage area. Therefore, more stock could be stored in the same space. Reducing the loading and unloading time and increasing storage in the same space caused significant cost savings.

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