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Saifi Con Fab System Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of e-commerce fulfilment conveyor solutions ideal for handling most products such as padded envelopes, poly bags, totes, cases and cartons through to bulk products such as pallets etc.

Our fulfilment solutions are ideal to provide enhanced order pick/Ecommerce/ sortation systems using our latest conveyor technology. Our approach is to provide modular and bespoke systems suitable for the users specific handling application, whether its barcode

reading with automated sortation or stock replenishment/order picking to/from high level mezzanine floors using a spiral or one of the many other types of elevator which are available.

Advantages of using Saifi’s E-Commerce Solutions

1- Conveyors designed after considering inclination saves a lot of time and allow materials to be moved from one elevation to another swiftly.

2- Conveyors offer utilization of storage space.

3- Conveyors can be designed to improve shipment density and load utilization.

4- Conveyors with automated incline belts automatically unload’s materials, manual unloading is eliminated reducing logistics cost.

5- Conveyors shortens order processing timelines and chances of having loss due to handling issues are extremely less.

Technologies To Be Implemented

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