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Four Wheel and Mini Four Wheel Conveyors are conveyors where the load is supported  and moved on wheels within a track that is open   or   enclosed.   Depending    on    the load (weight, volume and dimension) of the material that has to be carried, the conveyor can be mini or normal four wheel conveyor.

They are generally used in production lines or carry lines where the material that has to be moved is large or has odd shapes.

Benefits  (in addition to benefits already provided in ‘Overhead Conveyor)

  • Heavy Duty Capacity

The trolleys and load bars are available to withstand high capacity of 1-50 kg per feet to 200 – 300 kg per feet.

  • Durable and Long Service life

The system and track is high-capacity and extremely durable. Trolleys are designed to run smoothly through frequent, heavy use.

  • Versatile

The system can adapt to many different functions and solve various challenges.
Example: It can be used to create a crate to carry products of various sizes and dimensions or hooked to carry material for spray painting.

  • Multi Function Capabilities

This system provides flexibility of use for different functions such as assembly, storage, finishing, painting etc., thus reducing your cost.


Case Study 101

The Challenge :

The customer, a manufacturer of denim clothing wanted to modernise the colouring unit and increase the productivity from the colouring and washing unit. Presently the colouring, dyeing and drying was taking a lot of time and reducing his storage space.


The solution:

By installing a mini four wheel overhead conveyor system at the unit, the entire process after initial wash to drying was reduced by over 50%. The conveyor carried the denim clothing after wash to dyeing, washing, drying and storage. So, productivity doubled without any significant increase in labour and space costs.

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