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I-Beam Monorail Conveyor Systems combine flexibility of design with heavy duty capacity. I- beam Monorail is an ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work-in- process. It is an open design conveyor where the chain rides on an I-Beam.

This type of overhead conveyor is used for applications requiring higher capacities. Both the size of the I-Beam as well as the chain can be designed to accommodate capacities

Benefits (in addition to benefits already provided in ‘Overhead Conveyor)


  • Heavy Duty Capacity

The trolleys and load bars are available to withstand high capacity of 1-50 kg per feet to 200 – 300 kg per feet.

  • Durable and Long Service life

The I Beam track is high-capacity and extremely durable. Trolleys are designed to run smoothly through frequent, heavy use.

  • Multi Function Capabilities

This system provides flexibility of use for different functions such as assembly, storage, finishing, painting etc., thus reducing your cost.

Technical Specifications

Case Study 102


The Challenge :

The customer, a manufacturer of alloy wheels to leading car companies had a huge back log of orders. The painting process for their allow wheels was taking up too much time and space. The process of painting and then drying was done manually using fork lifts and carts.

The solution:

Installation of I-beam overhead conveyors benefitted by freeing the ground space and bringing in automation and efficiency. The customer was able to reduce the time taken in painting and drying processes for the alloy wheels and ship the final wheel faster.

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