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package Conveyor System

Just as production lines are using conveyor systems to increase productivity and save costs while deriving other benefits, the packaging units or centres are adopting package conveyor systems for the same reasons.

Package Conveyor Systems are used to move products into packaging line, creating packages, sealing, labelling, sorting or stacking. Within each of these, the application can be different. For example, within ‘creating packages’, package conveyor systems can be used for case packaging, tray packaging, shrink wrapping, palatalizing and pallet wrapping.

Package Conveyor Systems integrate automation and devices that increase packaging flexibility, speed throughput and minimise product damage during shipping. They can use a wide variety of conveyor types such as roller, pallet or belt driven. Our seasoned engineers and project managers will recommend the best equipment solution for your particular product and project specifications.


  • Improved Productivity

Package Conveyor Systems can automate packaging and improve productivity by eliminating manual work which can be sometimes cumbersome for large volume or size of packaging. They also move parts and products faster than could ever be accomplished manually

  • Quality Control

Package Conveyor Systems aid quality control in numerous ways. They help orient products to be packaged correctly on the line, instead of the time-consuming process of labor. The right packaging helps you avoid damage to the product and pilferage. It also improves the life of the product within the packaging. This helps improve your quality, resulting in less returns and happier customers.

  • Workplace Safety and Ergonomics

Manual packaging can involve many physical activities such as lifting, pushing, pulling heavy objects, working in awkward positions, bending or reaching. All these have risks for your workplace and an accident can cost you money or worse – delay your production. Using a package conveyor system eliminates this. It improves your workplace safety and ergonomics.

  • Cost Saving

Apart from all the above benefits that already provide you a significant const saving, there are other ways cost can be saved by using package conveyor systems.

For example: It has been shown that over 300% reduction can be achieved in material usage by using package conveyor systems. We have listed some of them below.

a. Reduction in materials used for packaging
b. Labour savings through packaging automation
c. Process improvements
d. Increased throughput
e. Reduced damage to material and rejection
f. Customer returns minimised
g. Reduction in delivery and shipping time

  • Hygiene, quality and compliance requirements

In some industries such as food, pharmaceutical and electronics, handing the packaging by hand reduces the hygiene, quality, customer experience. It is also considered against compliance, set health standards and requirements in some industries. The use of package conveyor systems helps you meet the conditions on hygiene, compliance and quality requirements.

Application and Industry

Package Conveyor Systems can be used in a wide variety of applications. Therefore, we list some of the more common applications and industries where we work.

Case Study 111

The Challenge:

A major tea manufacturer who packs and distributes over 500 million tea packages per year was facing production issues. At one of the units, where tea is packages in 100,200 and 350 grams there were various automatic conveyor systems involved in packaging. Paper pulling conveyors, stamping, tea powder dispensing and sealing, were the processes automated. Manual sorting was done at this stage to separate 100, 200 and 350 gram sealed packets, box them, place them in a carton and seal it for shipping.

This last line of packaging was completed manually and consumed more time than the automated processes before this. So, stacks of tea packages would be lying in large quantities, awaiting to be boxed for shipping. Therefore, production had to be slowed down.

The solution:

Designing and installing a customised sorting, diverting and three package conveyor systems with different functions, automated the last stage of packaging. Production was increased drastically and customer was able to meet the increased demand without additional investment in building infrastructure.

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