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Pallet Conveyors offers a highly efficient means of transporting, accumulating, lifting, and sorting heavy loads and large size loads. They can be designed to meet your needs in terms of height, weight, width and speeds.
For bulk items, it offers more functionality and protection against breakage, making your material handling process more efficient and ultimately, more profitable for your business. They can add efficiency and safety to any warehousing and shipping operation.
Our pallet conveyor systems can be configured exactly to your needs. Due to the modular setup, you can design the material flow exactly to your requirements and space availability. Our knowledgeable consulting and the extensive process-related expertise allows you to plan the system that is ideally suited for your needs. As a result, you benefit from maximum flexibility, cost-effectiveness.


  • Flexibility

With its flexible design, the pallet conveyor can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements for automated pallet transportation. They are highly reliable due to their rigid design. Pallet Conveyor systems can be designed to meet your needs in terms of heights, widths and speeds.

  • Increased Productivity

Pallet Conveyor systems help you move bulk and heavy items faster. The storage options are enhanced due to the presence of pallet conveyor system.
Production inefficiencies and wasteful delays are eliminated by streamlining and standardising the movement of material. A consistent material handling routine ultimately reduces work in process and allows greater throughput.

  • Operator Safety

Moving bulk and heavy items manually or by inappropriate fork lifts can have huge risks for the operators and workers around. Implementing the pallet conveyor system minimises this risk greatly.

  • Safe Handling of Products

Movement, transport and storage of bulk and heavy items can be done safely without causing any damage to them on a pallet conveyor system

  • Energy Efficient

With reduced energy consumption and configurations adaptable to your needs, you can reduce costs associated with energy needs

Case Study 105

The Challenge :

In 2018, a renowned warehouse builder was commissioned to build a warehouse for Godrej Agrovet. Their design for storage and movement of material, extensively used the pallet conveyor system. This design was unique, well suited and customised to the solution provided by the builder.

The solution:

The large storage facility was primarily successful due to it’s unique design and implementation of an efficient pallet conveyor systems to move large and bulky materials. The cost saving and ease provided by the implementation of pallet conveyor system prompted them to increase storage within a year.

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