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Roller Conveyors use parallel rollers mounted in frames to convey product. They may be powered by gravity, a motor or manually. Key specifications include the roller diameter and axle center dimensions.
Roller conveyors are used primarily in material handling applications such as on loading docks, for baggage handling, packaging, or on assembly lines among many others.
The rollers can use gravity, if inclined, to move the product, or manually if mounted horizontally. The conveyors can be straight or curved depending on the application and available floor space. The rollers can also be powered to convey the material.


  • Extremely Low Maintenance and Low Breakdown

If a roller should ever need replacing, it is simply pushed sideways before pulled from its location and a new one inserted in its place. A minimum amount of time is needed for such a repair, causing little or no interruption to productivity.

  • Variable Speed

The speed on a powered roller conveyor can be set to variable. It can be manually controlled. So, during the production process, you can increase or decrease the speed based on your cycle time or line balancing.

  • Plug and Play Control

The system is modular and ‘plug and play’. Therefore, it is easy to install and dismantle. It can have various applications in a single industry. Independent zones for functioning can be created to minimise loss of production in case of breakdown.

  • Reduced manpower

Manpower is greatly reduced with the adaptation of conveyor belt system, since the material is moving without much labour through the conveyor in an efficient and predetermined way.

  • Increasing Productivity

With a well defined belt conveyor system, you can increase your productivity by reducing cycle time. Cycle time reduction is provides tremendous benefit to a company. For example, reduced cost and reduced process variability are just two of the many benefits derived.

  • Lower Power Consumption, Efficient and Environment Friendly

Roller Conveyors use gravity in most applications and some times low manual and low electric energy. This helps you save energy, effort and improve efficiency. It is environment friendly, since you are using low energy or gravity to convey material

  • Creates Safe Environment for your Employees

Instead of carrying heavy goods repeatedly, your employees can apply minimum power to move or convey material. This creates a safe environment in industry and improves productivity.

Technical Specifications

Case Study 103

The Challenge :

The customer, a prominent courier logistics firm needed a solution for movement of material within one of their sorting units. The sorting employed manual operation and stacking. It involved movement of material to different floors as well, which was time consuming. Manual work involved in sorting took too much time and therefore delivery of shipment was delayed. More delivery personnel needed to be employed to meet delivery timelines.

The solution:

Multiple roller conveyer belts were installed based on of pin codes. Employees would then sort by using the roller conveyor system and stack at the end. Sorting started at higher levels to use gravity roller conveyor system. Stacking at the end was done manually. This improved efficiency, reduced labour costs and energy.

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