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Telescopic Conveyor System

Telescopic conveyor systems are extendable conveyors. They can extend to a certain distance or location, example to the back of a truck to load or unload packages with ease. When the loading is finished, telescopic conveyors retreat back into itself and is ready for the next truck.
Telescopic conveyor systems can be fixed in place or can designed to be movable. Movable telescopic conveyors are called Traversing Telescopic Conveyor System.
Traversing Telescopic Conveyors have wheels at the base that runs along a track that is anchored to the floor parallel to the door docks.
Telescopic conveyors can be designed with the option of height adjustment enabling them to adapt to various heights to ease loading and unloading. They also have a belt systems that can move in two directions with adjustable speed. So, you can load and unload using the same telescopic conveyor and at variable speed.
Designed to achieve unbeatable handling rates, our telescopic conveyors are suitable for unloading and loading container trucks, trailers, and vans. They can also be connected to an appropriate conveyor system to have a complete solution.


  • Faster and more efficient loading and unloading

With a telescopic conveyor, the loading and unloading processes are carried out in an orderly, effective and time efficient way. These tasks can be completed at a much faster pace saving time at the dock. Shipments can therefore be delivered in shorter times.

  • Safe and Reliable Operation

The design of the telescopic conveyor is robust and reliable. Workers can move material safely during loading and unloading processes. It the potential for damaging goods due to the product being handled multiple times.

  • Saves labour

A telescopic belt conveyor lets one operator load/unload a container or truck rapidly, safely, and with less physical strain. Faster loading and unloading also contribute to less labour on dock to complete tasks.

  • Improved ergonomic working conditions

The telescopic belt conveyor vastly improves ergonomic working conditions for operators and workers. The extendable variation minimises the need for workers to carry products manually and places drop-off points at their side on demand.

  • Versatile Design (height adjustment)

Telescopic conveyors can be designed with a hydraulic tilt option. This allows you to use the conveyor with a wide variety of vehicles with varying heights during loading and unloading. By using a traversing telescopic conveyor system, you can use the same conveyor for multiple doorways or stations.

Application and Industry

Telescopic Conveyor Systems can be used in a wide variety of applications virtually in every industry. They can be used almost anywhere where materials need to be loaded and unloaded.

We therefore list some of the more common applications and industries where we work.

Case Study 107

The Case:

An international beverages manufacturing company needed to complete their warehousing needs at one of their plants. The loading and unloading docks were on the same side of the warehouse. About 20 – 30 trucks needed to be loaded or unloaded every 8 hours. The unit needed a safe and fast way to load and unload their trucks.

The solution:

With the installation of telescopic conveyor system at each of the 6 stations with reversible belt action and hydraulic height adjustment options, the docking stations were geared up to efficiency. The packaged beverages could be loaded or unloaded using the same conveyor system into or from the trucks. The warehouse was able to handle a productivity of about 25 trucks every 8 hours for loading and unloading.

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