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Vertical conveyors are conveyors typically designed to raise or lower loads at different levels of a facility. Example: From a mezzanine floor to upper levels. They will safely transit between multiple floors and heights or across different conveyor system.
Custom designed to fit your material handling system, these lift conveyors come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and load capacities. The vertical conveyor is an extremely efficient and economical solution for your vertical transportation.
Vertical conveyors are suited for boxes, crates, totes, sacks etc.,. They have a wide range of applications. They can be configured to have a small footprint to save valuable space. They can be manually or automatically controlled and can be configured with a horizontal conveyor system.


  • Energy efficient and Productive

Vertical conveyors are energy efficient and need very low to no manpower to move materials from one level to another. They are faster compared to other means of moving materials at different levels and therefore improve productivity.

  • Linking work stations and optimisation of space

Vertical conveyors can link two different work stations at different levels thus improving your space utilisation. Example: Delivering finished product from product line to packaging or shipping lines on another level.

  • Saves labour and improved Efficiency

Vertical Conveyors can cut costs by reducing labour immensely that is otherwise required to move materials to different levels. Since they can convey materials to different levels comparatively much faster, they add to your efficiency.

  • Economical

Vertical conveyors are compact in design, uses relatively just little floor space. This leaves your floor space available for other uses in production or other conveyor systems. Apart from saving you costs by reducing labour, improving efficiency and productivity, the costs associated with vertical conveyors are low and economical.

Case Study 108

The Case:

An apparel manufacturer needed to connect two roller conveyor systems at the packaging and shipping unit of the factory. Carton boxes filled with apparels moved on these conveyors. The packaging unit was located on level 2 and the shipping unit was located on level 1 to facilitate loading into trucks. The packaged cartons were moved through a forklift from level 2 to level 1. This consumed a lot of time, energy and manpower, besides occupying precious space for the forklift to move.

The solution:

The two levels for packaging and shipping were connected through a vertical conveyor to move packaged cartons to the shipping level from where a conveyor belt moved them to the loading bay. Apart from increasing efficiency and reducing labour, this freed up the space used earlier by the forklift.

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